Coca-Cola’s newest drinks come packaged in the company’s historic 1894 bottle

They say the soft-drink brand’s success didn’t begin until their adoption of the famous hourglass bottle and the iconic red and white cursive logo, but this bottle right here represent’s Coca-Cola’s humble beginnings. In a way, this is a long-overdue throwback that spans over a century of good times with the cola-based carbonated beverage. Its latest release? a series of cocktail mixers packaged in Coca-Cola’s first ever bottle design, a combination of the past and the future, in one glorious bottle!

Referred to as the Hutchinson bottle (designed way back in 1894), the straight-sided bottle with a bulbous neck is now being reissued as the packaging for Coca-Cola’s series of mixers. The bottle design possesses an aesthetic that complements its bar-friendly category, making it the perfect choice. Available in four distinct flavor profiles, Woody, Spicy, Herbal, and Smoky, and designed to be used with dark spirits like whisky and dark rum, the bottles come with a white label and a taped cap, quite a deviation from the soft-drink’s otherwise red-heavy design, but more of a hat-tip to the drink’s association with mixology. We can’t wait to see more of these bottles (and probably taste the mixers too)… you know, for strictly design-appreciation purposes!

Designers: Coca-Cola & Dragon Rouge