This wall-mounted succulent planter with a built-in lamp quite literally fills your space with warmth!

The Succulamp is more than just a clever portmanteau of Succulent and Lamp. It’s also a product that fills your room with light and life in a way that uplifts your space entirely with its charm. The wall-mounted planter comes with an LED lamp within its translucent base (does that make it a ‘plamper’?) that gives your room a diffused wash of warm light when switched on. The LEDs don’t generate too much heat, making the product a perfect casing for a succulent too (which sadly won’t be able to experience any of the warm light, given its location). However, it has a very Super Mario-ish charm to it, as it permanently sits on your wall using adhesive strips. My only gripe is the presence of that USB cable, which sort of takes away some of the product’s magic!

Designer: Casey Johnson