The Ultrasonic Jacuzzi Designed to Super-clean your Glasses and More

You never know how dirty your spectacles are until someone tells you. At least I don’t. They gather fingerprints, dust, scratches galore and I literally need to be told to wipe them clean… and then I use the base of my shirt to wipe them, adding to the scratches because you’re supposed to use microfiber and not just any regular cloth. The spectacles are a rare case study of a product that transitioned from actually being a vision correction device to now being a style statement. In that jump from being a medical device to a fashion object, the spectacle lost its need to be given due treatment as a medical device.

So while some may say the Smartclean Vision.5 seems a little excessive, I say it’s a blessing. Fill it up with regular water (you could even use a drop of liquid soap too), switch it on, and leave your spectacles inside while the Vision.5 uses ultrasonic vibrations to agitate the water, allowing it to gently but efficiently clean any dirt, dust, grime, oil, smudges you may have on your spectacles. Probably a dozen times more effective than wiping your spectacles with a cloth, the Vision.5 cleanses every nook and cranny of your spectacles (even the dirt that accumulates around the nose-pad) and leaves them looking brand new in just five minutes. The size of a power bank, and available in a rather pleasant variety of colors, the Vision.5 can even be carried around with you, and you may just want to carry a microfiber cloth to wipe the water off your shiny, spotless spectacles. And no, we know what you’re thinking but it’s best if you don’t use these for your contact lenses… or murder weapons.

Designer: Davie Lan

Click here to Buy Now: $66.00 $88.00 (25% off)

Has reached over 650% of its funding goal.


Smartclean Vision.5 generates 45000Hz ultrasonic vibration, which is as powerful as a professional ultrasonic cleaner, which removes dirt and other contaminants.


1. Fill water with a cup (not exceeding the max. line) and connect Smartclean Vision.5 to the power supply.


2. Put your glasses and other belongings in the water and press the on/off button.

3. Watch as it gets rid of oil, grime, and dirt


4. Take out the glasses and gently wipe it dry and clean.


It is ready to go!



Smartclean Vision.5 generates ultrasound vibration forming numerous bubbles (cavitation) in the water. Bubbles collapse and produce shock wave which shakes off all the dirt, dust, grease and smudges inch by inch. It is a dozen times more effective than wiping your spectacles with a cloth. For hygienic reasons, it is better we clean our glasses with ultrasonic cleaner frequently.


Click here to Buy Now: $66.00 $88.00 (25% off)