This iridescent squid-ink jacket turns 500 million years of evolution into fashion!

Mimicking the squid’s color-shifting properties, brought about by years upon years of evolution, VolleBak’s Squid Ink jacket too has the power to transform in color with relation to its light source. Designed with a pigment that comprises as many as 2 billion disruptively-structured microscopic glass spheres, Vollebak’s iridescent jacket isn’t for camouflage… it’s for standing out. Under dim, dull light conditions, the jacket appears dull and black, but in the presence of a harsh light, the jacket shimmers up with colors across the spectrum, looking quite like the color separation you’d see on a bubble, or a puddle of petroleum in the sun.

Like all of VolleBak’s jackets, the Squid Ink jacket is a solid piece of apparel, designed perfectly for its use case. Made to be a great skiing and snowboarding jacket, the product is waterproof and wind-resistant, keeping you dry and toasty inside while it’s snowing or raining out. While the jacket is a great, functional piece of clothing, its highlight (like VolleBak’s Solar Charged Jacket), is its incredible material-engineering. Designed to mimic the camouflaging properties of a squid’s skin (which allows it to hide from its prey), the jacket reverses the use case, by relying on reflective spheres to actually increase visibility, making you almost glow in your surroundings, with a mesmeric rainbow of shimmering colors! Is it also a coincidence that we’re in Pride Month?? Maybe not!

Designer: VolleBak