First we had DIY cardboard VR headsets, now we’ve got DIY cardboard drones!

I love the Ahadrone kit’s DIY touch! Designed to be the “drone for everyone”, it democratizes one of the hottest (and sometimes expensive) categories in consumer electronics. With all the makings of a very capable drone, the Ahadrone is just like any other remote-controlled quadcopter, but it comes with a complete corrugated board body, allowing it to stay light, but stiff, the perfect property for a drone exterior!

Cardboard isn’t new to consumer electronics. The Google Cardboard VR headset, and the cardboard Nintendo Switch Labo kits, have both showcased paper board to be a very capable low-cost solution to plastic parts. The board serves as a great packaging material too, knocking two birds with one stone.. and while it isn’t as permanent as plastic (the Ahadrone wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the rain), with the right template, people can rebuild their own cardboard parts, either out of board, plastic sheets, or even 3D printing them!

And that’s honestly the point of the Ahadrone. It isn’t a toy, but rather is a powerful learning tool that’s also a toy. It teaches you about aerodynamics, structural design, and guides you through the process of putting together a real, flying drone from scratch. Remarkable, isn’t it?!

The Ahadrone kit is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Srinivasulu Reddy