Eco-friendly design alternatives of everyday products that help you save the planet

UN chief  António Guterres recently stated, ‘The report by the world’s leading climate scientists is an ear-splitting wake-up call to the world. It confirms that climate change is running faster than we are – and we are running out of time.’ With climate change, global warming, and its implications being highlighted every day, we all want to play a part in helping save our planet. But the question that comes up often is, how can I, as an individual, help save the planet? Well, with small changes in our daily life, is our answer! As a designer, we have the dual responsibility of using as well as creating products that have a more holistic view, that consider the product from its inception to its treatment once their usage is over. Our curated content today shares eco-friendly products that you can replace in your everyday life, making your lifestyle more planet-friendly and inspire you to innovate products that don’t end up in a landfill.

Vool, the Wooden Laptop Stand with 100% recyclable and renewable used in production as well as its package created by Lesha Galkin  

Concrescence Concrete Planters by Vako Darjania 

Dandy Horse for Adults made with molded plywood & lacquered steel by Noir Vif

The Last Swab, reusable earbuds by FACO CPH 

Juice Bruce, designed by Yaacov Kaufman for Monkey Business Design 

FLOAT Bubble Tea Holder by Mickey Wu & Fang Shih 

Zero Waste Lab’s 3D printed furniture converted from plastic waste under the initiative Print Your City in Thessaloniki, Greece by the New Raw Studio 

Chew, a pocketable chewable reusable straw with a case to spin dry your straw by Lim Jing Jie, Tommy Cheong & Kevin Yeo 

The Capsulier Lite that lets you create your own coffee pods by Damian