The LastSwab offers a reusable alternative to those polluting disposable earbuds

Single-use plastics are public enemy number 1 right now, and it’s high time they made an exit from our lives. A photo went viral sometime in the past year, of a seahorse holding onto a disposable earbud that had been carelessly dumped in the ocean. The LastSwab comes at a perfect time, providing a clean, reusable alternative to those disposable earbuds that get used, flushed, and end up in the oceans. Designed with a specialized reusable rubber tip that can be cleaned with a dab of soap and some water, along with a tough, durable nylon connector-rod, the LastSwab comes in two variants… One for cleaning, and another for touching-up make-up. The dual-sided earbuds come with their own nifty carry-case, and can be used multiple times for years and years (and ears!)

Designer: Faco CPH