This non-straw glass gets you the last of your bubble tea

Wherever you hail from, you have certainly run across Bubble Tea, an incredibly unique delicacy that is now a part of the framework that symbolizes the Tea Culture in Taiwan. But the actual yumminess of this drink comes from the chewy pearls that are usually found at the bottom of the glass and come across your way with every sip you take with your straw. Whilst it may feel as if the plastic straw that you use to extract tea from the plastic cup are merely small, insignificant pieces of plastic, they contribute to the billions of disposable plastic cups and straws every year… how’s that for refreshing? This is where Float shines, not only does it reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by the Bubble-Tea market, but also enhances and greatly improves the drinking experience!

Float uses an inner chamber to keep the ingredients elevated to allow for a more intense flavor as they infuse the passing tea. The positioning of this inner chamber uniquely elevates the placement of the boba balls, so you don’t need a straw to reach out for that chewy goodness. This chamber also reduces the height of the ice cubes, leading to a far more balanced temperature throughout the tea. The recycled glass form gives the vessel a sturdy, confident form, whilst allowing you to enjoy the refreshing taste, guilt-free!

Designers: Mickey Wu & Fang Shih

Set the ice cubes in the middle of the cup, making the temperature and concentration balanced. Let the ingredients flow to the mouth with the tea cooled by ice at the same time in every sip of drink.

Float is made of environmentally-friendly recycled glass provided by Spring Pool Glass, which reduces environmental pollution.