Spärkel will instantly infuse and carbonate your home-brews without a CO2 tank

Practically perfect for the summers, this is the Spärkel, a tabletop beverage carbonator that doesn’t use a heavy, cluncky CO2 tank. The Spärkel is small, handy, and comes with its own reusable plastic bottle. The Spärkel can carbonate any beverage, from water to a sangria in minutes just with the press of a button. It relies on an effervescent pre-mix of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate granules, called the Carbonator. Pour the Carbonator into the Spärkel and it releases CO2 that gets pumped directly into Spärkel’s bottle, turning regular beverages into sparkling drinks and spritzers.

The convenience of the Spärkel lies in its compactness and the fact it doesn’t need any additional accessories, bottles or CO2 tanks. Occupying enough space as a blender on your kitchen countertop, the Spärkel operates within its small footprint, and doesn’t even need you to buy and store CO2 tanks for use. Bringing simplicity to the carbonation process, Spärkel allows you to choose exactly how fizzy you want your beverages too, allowing you to choose from 5 settings going from subtle bubbliness to full fizz.

Paired with a bespoke bottle that comes with a high wall thickness, making it perfect for carbonating inside, the Spärkel saves you the trouble of buying bottled sparkling water or canned fizzy drinks by bringing that technology into your own home. The Spärkel can be used practically on any beverage (chilled beverages carbonate better than room-temperature ones), from water and tea, to even wine and cocktails. You can even step up your hydration game by infusing fresh fruits into your drinking water to give them much more depth and flavor.

Occupying just about the same space as a coffee-maker, the Spärkel turns drinks into refreshments. With a press of a button and the lowering of a lever, it instantly uplifts any drink in just 90 seconds, getting you to drink more fluids, feel more energetic and refreshed, while keeping harmful single-use bottles and cans out of our consumption and waste cycle.

Designers: Mick Matsumoto and Randy Yang at Inertia, Roy Sawyer of Spärkel

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Spärkel: The Sparkle-Everything Beverage Maker

Sparkle any liquids and infuse real ingredients into your drinks. No CO2 tank. No artificial syrups.

Press of a Button

Make your favorite drinks sparkle at the touch of a button! For the first time ever, you can carbonate any liquid and infuse drinks with real ingredients directly in the bottle. Get better tasting drinks.

Whether you’re using wine, fruits, water or alcoholic products, each Spärkel Carbonator perfectly customizes one bottle, ensuring a perfect (and delicious!) experience every time without dilution.

No CO2 Tanks, Just Bubbles

Spärkel carbonators are a special granulation of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. Each generates CO2 gas when placed in a sealed chamber within the appliance.

Each Carbonator is pre-made and measured for exactly one use to ensure every drink is carbonated perfectly. That’s our Spärkel guarantee.

Refills Are Just One Click Away

No more in-store replacements or exchange programs when your tank is empty. Carbonator refills are just on click away whenever you’re ready.

Below Image: How Does Spärkel Make Perfectly Bubbly Drinks?

Once the cycle is done, the carbonator residue is released into the drawer for easy sink disposal when full. Add another carbonator and your Spärkel is ready to infuse a new combination of ingredients right away!

All you have to do, is push that one little button….

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