The Flaworld prepares spice-mixes instead of having you rely on store-bought mixes

From country to country, kitchen to kitchen, and even person to person, the taste of a single dish can vastly differ, simply because of the quality and choice of ingredients, and their ratios. You can totally transform and elevate a recipe by introducing a new dimension to it by virtue of a spice, or even a secret mix of spices. Saffron absolutely changes the aroma of a dish. Paprika can completely alter its taste. And even Jerry Seinfeld agrees that whenever a dish tastes amazing, the secret to it is always Cinnamon.

Flaworld encourages that addition of a new layer to your food. Designed to create bespoke spice blends, the Flaworld lets you put spices into it and create carefully calibrated bespoke spice mixes. From meat rubs, to curry powders, to even spice mixes for just a simple stir-fry, the Flaworld’s digital interface allows you to play with spice combinations in a visual format. Once you’ve designed a mix that has exactly the level of saltiness, sweetness, spiciness, umami, etc., the Flaworld takes the spices you put onto its upper surface, and creates a mix that you can easily sprinkle/layer over your food, adding a completely new dimension to it, and making it taste far better, fresher, and more nuanced than your food would with a regular, store-bought spice-mix.

Designers: Oliver Haller & Yannick Sommerrock.