This GPS enabled Salomon ski goggle ensure safety is a button away

Backcountry skiing is adrenaline packed, snow-oriented frenzy that certainly isn’t for the faint hearted! As with all adrenaline-fueled activities, there is an underlying element of danger that keeps participators on their toes but is ready to catch them off guard at any moment… with backcountry skiing, this threat is avalanches.

The Salomon Vector offers a heightened level of safety over your standard pair of ski goggle; packed into the striking design is GPS module that, when activated, communicates with the paired mobile app that your family and friends will have installed on their phones.

Activating the alert is nothing short of an intuitive fuss-free method of interaction; a single, large button is positioned on the top face of the goggles, when the user feels as they are in danger they simply hold the button down for five seconds… and wait.

This pair of sleek, stylish and safety-focused goggles have the skiers safety at the forefront of their design!

Designer: Sebastian Halin for Salomon