A Delivery Service That’s Kind on the Environment!

There are some days where we just don’t feel like cooking, and at these times it is likely that we will turn to the two-wheeled delivery services that weave through the congested city streets with staggering efficiency. But what if we could utilize this ever-growing service, and harness the power from the sheer number of riders to improve the world around us? Well that’s exactly what Aira has been designed to do!

Aira is a sustainable delivery scooter that features a purifying stone to contribute to the elimination of atmospheric pollutants! The stone, which has been developed and patented by PVT is prefabricated using recycled materials, further increasing its positive impact on the environment! Surely a material as cool can only be found on a product that looks the part? Well Aira certainly does; its tubular design with a matte finish features eco-conscious airless tires, which absorb impact and provide comfort when riding across the worn streets of a busy city!

Designers: Antoine Beynel & Miio Studio

A Sustainable delivery scooter

Aira is a sustainable electric scooter for food delivery mainly. By using the paths of thousands of delivery every day just in China, Aira contributes to the elimination of atmospheric pollutants thanks to its purifying stone (see details below).

Purifying Stone

This stone is made from a special high resistance concrete prefabricated called ecoGranic. It’s a technology developed by PVT. It actively contributes to the elimination of atmospheric pollutants.

This technology is very efficient in the elimination of nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter (PM). This prefabricated product is environmentally friendly. It is produced with recycled materials, among others, especially from construction and industrial sectors.

Sustainable Process

ecoGranic combats pollution through a process similar to the photosynthesis of the plants.

ecoGranic is made in two layers. Attending to the composition and thickness of the surface layer, it guarantees a high decontaminating efficiency during more than 25 years, in spite of the usual abrasion processes. It turns damaging gases into harmless compounds for human health and environment, through a natural oxidation process, chemical agents free and with an endless effect in time.

Airless Tires

Tireless, durable and eco-conscious, Aira’s tires are supported by a mesh of spokes that are made of thermoplastic resin. The material is flexible and durable, and best of all, it’s 100-percent recyclable! This flexibility allows Aira to absorb impacts during the delivery and to provide a greater driving comfort.