Future promises on-time delivery with this autonomous hub and it’s minions!

It’s probably accurate to say that we have all had a bad experience when getting a parcel delivered, whether its arrived late or never turned up at all, its certainly a frustrating occurrence. With this in mind, designer Fynn Eckstein set out to create a solution, and this came in the form of PAC.

PAC is an autonomous concierge system that may just give us an insight into the future of parcel delivery. Consisting of two main elements, the Microhub and the Satellites, it adapts to each individual’s requirements making for a smooth and efficient user experience. The Microhub carries the parcels into the city, where it is met by a team of Satellites that are each allocated a specific district. These compact droids then set off on their optimized journeys. The droid recognizes the recipient and with a quick verification using their smartphone, the parcel is delivered to them.

This is a futuristic concept that we are hoping we one-day see!

Designer: Fynn Eckstein

The Microhub is the core of the system. It is an electrically driven, autonomous distribution center, which acts as a decentralized parcel warehouse. To ensure a large delivery window and few traffic disruptions, the Microhub only moves at night and is reloaded as quickly as possible with pre-assembled shelves.

People who receive Parcels are benefitting from Pac. But how do you justify the use of public space? The design of the Microhub allows various benefits for the entire community. They can be equipped with a semi-transparent OLED screen, to display a wide range of information. Alternatively, this area can be covered by moss to function as a natural air filter. Extendable benches, allow the hub to become a green oasis inside crowded city centers.

The satellites are the actual deliverer in the system. These autonomous droids can store 10-25 parcels and distribute them on optimized routes. Thanks to their size, they can not only move on roads but also on bicycle paths or sidewalks. This makes the distribution less dependent on traffic and allows for more accurate timing.

The satellite communicates via text messages. This allows a simple and intuitive way of communication because the user is already familiar with the tool. When the satellite arrives at your doorsteps, it recognizes you, and after verifying yourself with your smart device, your parcel is presented to you.

The delivery is becoming an essential part of the shopping experience. Pac offers a premium service: The satellite picks up a „driver“ to deliver a parcel in person. He receives additional information from the sender and acts as a brand ambassador. Additionally, it allows people who greatly benefit from direct personal delivery, for example, because they are physically limited, to enjoy an inclusive service.