Future Urban Citycopter

As soon as our personal transportation takes to the skies, this is what I want to be zipping around in! It’s called the Fly Citycopter- a futuristic urban aerial vehicle concept for when cars are a thing of the past. Harnessing solar energy, it’s more efficient and economical than common helicopters. Its tri-rotor design also makes it maneuverable and quieter with a smoother ride while features like auto-pilot and obstacle detection make it easier and safer to control. Aesthetically, t’s a little steampunk and a lot cool!

Designer: Eduardo Galvani


  • Ewald Ebing says:

    Way cool! I’d definitely like one of these if it ever became feasible for everyday transportation!

  • No way you’ll ever get enough lift for that from propellors that small.

    At some point, you can’t have them rotate faster (=produce more lift) because they’ll be rotating faster than sound…

    Cool design for a game or something, though 🙂

  • stephen russell says:

    Ill take the Oblivion copter model type, Modified for urban use as Urban copter, see Oblivion on DVD.

  • Snake Pilskin says:

    Looks like the Oblivion helicopter.

  • Jshubin says:

    You wouldnt need the tail rotor if the lift props are counter-rotating

  • munir says:

    very good

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