Some Things are Worth the Wait


With the Frankfurt Motor Show just having passed and the Tokyo Motor Show just literally days away, there is undoubtedly a lot of hype this time of the year. With that being said, nothing has gotten me more excited than the release of the utterly gorgeous Polestar 1 by Volvo. The Scandinavian automaker unveiled the Polestar 1 on Tuesday at an event in Shanghai, announcing it will go on sale mid-2019 but are limited to 500 units per year. After pledging to introduce solely electric-infused cars from 2019, Polestar 1 looks set to be the face of this new move forward for the company. Polestar 1 boasts 600 horsepower with its hybrid engine – while in the rear, Polestar 1 adds a 218 horsepower dual-electrical motor.

The rear of this rather ambitiously designed Volvo vehicle is shorter than usual with a shorter boot and the rear seats taking a small cut, making them marginally smaller than usual – enhancing the Polestar 1’s requirements for its edgy sports car look. Adding to the overall flashy look of the Polestar 1 is the rear windshield which wraps itself over the roof and down across the front of the car giving the sporty Polestar 1 an even sleeker look and feel. Cherry on the cake? The adoption of the increasingly popular “phone-as-a-key” system which enables the user to enter/lock the car with the use of an app on their smartphone instead of a key.

Designer: Volvo