The Delux Designer Keyboard brings every shortcut you dreamed of to your fingertips

A heaven-sent for every creative, the Delux Designer was designed for your spare hand. You know, the one that isn’t wielding the Wacom stylus. With 28 absolutely essential keys (including 12 specially programmable hotkeys) and a dial, the Delux Designer is the only keyboard you’ll ever need to work your creative software.

The Delux Designer occupies a third of the space a regular keyboard takes. In fact, it strips down the regular keyboard to its bare essentials, putting all your important shortcuts under your fingertips, shortening the work process since all the keys you need are always directly under your palm. With customizable macro and shortcut keys, and your essentials like the spacebar, enter, ctrl, alt, and shift keys, all within a single hand’s reach, the Delux Designer can be operated by one hand (which means you don’t need to use two hands to hit ctrl+p to print, or ctrl+y to redo), leaving your other hand free to use a sketching tablet, and allowing your workflow to go much faster than usual. The programmable keys allow you to switch between tools, and the Delux Designer even packs a dial that lets you calibrate and control your tool settings. Every key is customizable and is compatible with a wide range of software, making the Delux Desiger suitable for graphic designers, 3D modelers, photographers, video editors, etc. And the Delux Designer doesn’t just shorten your workflow, but betters it too by using mechanical keys for a pure tactile experience, and a backlit layout that lets you work the late hours.

Designer: Delux