The QuadraOpus is any sort of furniture you want it to be


The bachelor in me has nothing but appreciation for the QuadraOpus. Designed for small apartments with not enough space for a lot of furniture, the Quadraopus can be anything you need, from a shelf, to a table, to even a bench with or without armrests. In fact, the name QuadraOpus comes from the four basic needs the product aims at fulfilling… Shoe-rack, Storage, Seating, and Table.

The QuadraOpus by Anupria Singh, an industrial design student from India, form building blocks of domestic furniture. Comprising three wooden panels and four bent pipe members, the individual units of the QuadraOpus can be used as single entities, forming footstools, tables and mantelpieces, or can be stacked one upon other to make taller stools/benches, chairs, complex bookshelves, and much more. Their abstract shape opens them up to interpretation, letting you use them in a way that suits your needs best.

“Keeping in mind that the furniture is modular (and requires multiple units), white Sal wood was used to make the pieces. As it is a relatively cheaper wood this allows for the product to be affordable to those on a budget. Powder coated brass pipes were used, which were then painted white to complement the wood’s light color. The pieces are sturdy enough to stand on their own and can take up to 60 kgs of weight comfortably.” The product was developed in Auroville, a self-governed, experimental township and community in southern India. Designed to cater to the minimal, simple life of Auroville’s residents, the QuadraOpus dons many hats, becoming any sort of furniture its user needs. And when all is said and done, the individual units nest within each other to occupy less space, allowing you to stow them away for another day!

Designer: Anupria Singh