Acura Allure – an hourglass-shaped sports car that morphs into a comfy futuristic lounge

In the near future, ownership will see a transition towards emotional interaction with materialistic things. Likewise, shared mobility will be dominated by emotional engagement with their cars, therefore the design of the vehicles needs to be such that promotes emotional connection. According to transport design student Sung Nak Lee that opens up the possibilities for brands to go for automotive designs that enhance the whole experience with flexible interiors that allow for selective configuration. As a part of his Honda Internship, Sung has penned an autonomous vehicle that morphs from a performance-oriented single-seat sports car to a two-seated autonomous vehicle that comes with a lounge-like configuration.

Dubbed the Acura Allure, this hourglass-shaped electric four-wheeler has a very low profile, just like that of a supercar. The wide configuration gives the opportunity on the inside to have ample space to lounge two passengers in ultra-comfort for emotional connection. Then on some other day when you feel like, the outer halves of the rear seats detach and join into one to form a driver seat for high-speed driving to connect with the pure performance of your Acura Allure. This clever use of interior space leaves a lot of room for a comfortable ride on a long journey.

The aerodynamic shape rising from the front to the rear of the EV combined with the active aero wing and diffuser gives it that needed performance boost for high-speed driving. Truly Acura Allure is a nice blend of performance, styling and emotional connect with the owner. A sneak peek into the future of mobility enhanced by such cars.

Designer: Sung Nak Lee