The Flip Headphones

The Flip is a hybrid speakers and headphones concept, something that is getting very popular these days. With two modes to use them, the flick of a switch allows you to stream music straight into your ears or share it with friends. Both modes work with your devices using a headphone jack or USB, depending upon how you want to go about it. Awesome!

Designer: Oliver Sha


  • Noah says:

    How much are they

  • shaomin454 says:

    I could not find words to describe it I want to take it 24 hours a day!

  • Graeme says:

    Dreadful idea, really dreadful. There is so much noise pollution around at the moment that these will add to it. Nothing more annoying than having to explain to people on a train why listening to their music through their phones built in speaker in a packed commuter compartment is completely anti social, who ever thought of these should be quietly taken to one side and smacked about the face with a wet fish.

    Awful, awful concept!

    • DJ Murda 'Mil says:

      U sound like such a square. Obviously no one would use the apeaker part of it on a train unless u were the only one in the car or drunk lol! That feature is obviously meant to use in the privacy of your own space, at home or places like the beach and parks. Noise pollution, what are you 90? Lol!

  • Jennifer says:

    What an amazing concept!! I love that they are over the ear headphones (Earbuds never seem to fit my ears). It is such a genius idea to have external speakers. I can’t wait to buy a pair =)

  • Manal Alnahdi says:

    How much are they ( flip heafphone/speaker ) and where to buy

  • Nadia Newton says:

    How do u buy these headphones off line

  • Ilene says:

    Where can I get these??

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  • alex says:

    Is the quality good and how much it is ?

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