Inside-out Printer

Thanks to concept design, our perception of a printer has stretched from a circular body to over-the-edge box. The idea is to break conventional norms and do something radically different yet respecting the boundaries of ‘form beyond function’. The Eclipse-dual Printer is a step in this direction and it aims at revealing the process of printing and scanning, rather than concealing it.

It’s an inside-out design that celebrates its mechanical components as functional aesthetics.

On the lines of Steve Jobs being manically obsessive of how the innards of any Apple product is designed. Although no one will see it except for the engineer, it should be exciting and beautifully laid out!

Designer: Han S. Hong


  • CS James says:

    That’s a beautifully designed machine…sure, it may not be able to create a huge number of prints in a short time, but it would look great in a trendy small business office and could impress all who see it!

  • Johnny says:

    Congrats. With a paper tray capacity of a ream minus 500 sheets, that is the most worthless printer design conceived by man.

  • Han says:

    Thank you, James and Johnny. I’m really glad that you guys hit the point of my thinking behind the design. I really wanted to emphasize the one on one interaction between the user and the product so there may be a positive emotional attachment.

  • Nuf_Sed says:

    I hear you Han! Take away the office paced task of printing huge docs and just enjoy the little machine doing its thing in a way you have never seen before, printing that single image you have spent hours working on. Can you say…”Stop to smell the roses”? Absolutley fantastic prototype too.

  • Bacco says:

    Artists create beautiful and fancy printers.

    Designers create beautiful flat printers, as they worry about functionality too.

  • Shik-kai says:

    Mmmmm, open electronics etc , ever heard about dust?

  • Han says:

    yes, I’ve also heard about “dust-off spray.” 🙂
    I appreciate your reality check but you can’t just keep the great new ideas in your head because of your worries. Good design starts with good concepts, right?

  • Vehrmt says:

    Fear of change never got anyone anywhere. I like this concept. If it can match competitors in functionality as well, then there’s no reason to shun it.

  • Hunter says:

    Open-air electronics and liquid spray will not mix, unless of course you’ve designed a waterproof printer, in which case it will be too expensive for anyone to want.

  • Achim Weber says:

    super great nice print design.
    Greetings Achim

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