It’s Called Jogging

Or yogging…apparently you just run. What is the exercise you speak of? You need to get your heart rate up. And not just with a tall glass of coffee. You’ve got to get out there and run around like crazy. But that wont work! You’ve got to have a nice healthy jog to get your body in shape. But your music doesn’t go with the feet moving! Until now! Clip the “Joggo” device on to your shirt and the headphones into your ears and the beats will be keeping you in check in no time flat.

I used to be a cartpusher. That means all those carts you use in the grocery store, the ones you leave in the middle of the parking lot, the ones that you put your gum under the pushbar of – those are what I collected. I listened to music in my headphones while I pushed – and more often than not, it was heavy metal. Cartpushers often latch on to heavy metal music because it gives them the power they need to push 50 carts, 50 carts in a row, 50 carts in a row all at once.

But what do you do when you need rhythm? What do you listen to when you’ve got to get a gradually increasing pace going? Get one of these things right here! “Joggo” clips onto your shirt and uses a GPS system to calculate your average distance per stride. Using that, and using the distance and timing the user programs in, the Joggo system plays music into headphones (or earplugs, or whatever you may call them) encouraging you to reach a target pace.

Conductive and consistent musical rhythms are pumped into your ear receptors, playing gradually faster as you reach your target pace. Upon stoppping, the rhythm begins again, making you GET GOING!

Designer: Fung Kwok Pan

Joggo Jogging Concept by Fung Kwok Pan