This survival kit takes care of you and your pet during emergencies!

With climate change rearing its ugly head and sending shockwaves throughout the world, our planet has been experiencing a lot of changes. Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or even the recent Australian bushfires are beginning to gaining frequency. We’ve been trained to be prepared for such situations, following drills and guidelines, maintaining survival kits for when they’re needed, and more. However, in such strenuous moments, what becomes of our furry friends? Our pets are members of our family, and preparing for their safety during such times is essential. Almost 32% of pets find themselves as strays on the street during such disasters, and pet mortality is supposed to be 40%. For such life-threatening situations, designer Ching Lin Tsai designed Escapet. Escapet is an escape bag, that aims to look after you and your pet’s needs during emergencies.

Escapet is a winner of the Red Dot Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Ching Lin Tsai

Made from Tetoron, an abrasion-resistant, and lightweight polyester fiber, Escapet combines a survival tool kit, and a pet carrier to create a bag equipped to deal with extreme situations. The bag consists of two components, the pet carrier, and the survival kit. Both can be separated and used individually if required.

The survival kit consists of the bare essentials such as water, food, a first aid kit, life-saving, and hygiene tools, and also has sufficient space for your personal belongings.

The second component is the pet carrier, easy-to-fold, and easy-to-store, you can slip your pet into it. It has been equipped with a pocket, which when rolled down, exposes a mesh screen, allowing your pet to stay connected with you and the rest of the world.

The carrier bag and survival kit can be combined together to create a piece of pet furniture, on which your pet can sit and lounge about. In its combined state, Escapet is meant to be carried like a backpack, with your pet and the things you need to survive a high-risk situation, all packed in! The neon orange zipper is meant to increase the chances of being spotted and rescued. However, the detachable pet carrier bag also has functionality in our daily lives, making Escapet a unique design that serves you perfectly during emergencies and even on an ordinary day!