The ‘au-naturel’ way of dehydrating and sun-drying your fruits and veggies


Drying is one of the oldest and healthiest ways of preserving food. The drying process allows for long-term, compact storage while retaining vitamins, minerals, and flavor. Modern-day dryers and dehydrators may speed up the process, but are expensive, guzzle electricity, and are frankly unnecessary when you have the largest drying resource available to you for free… the sun.

Myriam Meyer’s Aliz uses the sun’s heat to dry out food. The Aliz looks like an alluring outdoor piece of decor, with its metal compartments layered upon one another (looking like a lantern). The sun’s heat pulls the moisture out from the food, which is stored in a ventilated chamber that is protected from pests. After a few days of drying, the food you’ve placed inside, be it berries or fruits or even vegetables gets effectively dried out by the sun and becomes preserved naturally while locking in every bit of flavor!

Designer: Myriam Meyer