Half dial, full style!


The semi-circular design allows Loyto’s L1 watch to achieve two things. A, a design that’s clean, and B, space at the bottom for branding. The result is a watch that is visually uncluttered. All the elements are just the correct size and are placed with enough of breathing space in between, resulting in a watch face that’s truly balanced.

The award-winning L1 (yes, it’s the recipient of the Red Dot Concept Award and the A’ Design Award) comes with a Swiss Part Ronda 505.24H movement sitting within a sand-blasted 316 stainless steel case (the matte sand-blasted finish goes particularly well with the watch’s minimal design by muting all the reflections and highlights). Two arcs tell you the time. The outer one giving you a sense of the hours with its arced loading-bar style design, and the inner arc telling you the minutes. The watch comes in two dual-tone color variants; a white on black version, and a black on white version, both boasting of a contrasting design that goes well against any skin color and with any attire!

Designer: Loyto Watches

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