Going nuts about this acorn-inspired snack bowl!

Qualy’s designs have an innocent, playful quality that makes them instantly lovable. They also revolve around a rather neat idea that makes them clever, like the Four Seasons shakers. The Acorn snacks bowl revolves around the same principles of being innocent, playful, and clever! A lid and a bowl join together to form a closed container. Lift the lid, invert it and place it back and you’ve got yourself two bowls! One for foodstuff and one for discarded peels, seeds, or wrappers! Perfect for everything from candies to pistachios, and everything in between! Oh, and the bowls come with a wonderful wooden feel too, thanks to the mixed use of ABS and a wood composite material to achieve strength, durability, but still a finish that is more natural and woody than plasticky.

Designer: Qualy Design