The Chameleon bottle changes its color with the temperature!

The Chameleon bottle just makes owning a bottle and drinking the liquid stored in the bottle fun, which is a difficult thing to begin with. It’s challenging to gamify something as basic as hydration, but the Chameleon bottle does it with a simple trick. Thermally-reactive paint! The bottle comes in one of three colors, and is white when warm, and colorful when cold. Fill your bottle with warm coffee, tea, or a cold beverage like a juice or just good old chilled water (infuse it for even more of a twist). As you fill your liquid into the bottle, you literally see the color changing before your eyes, not only giving your bottle an interesting altering-avatar that’s fun to observe, but also allowing the opaque bottle to actually show you the levels of the liquid inside too! As you continuously take sips from your bottle (and believe me, you’re going to!) the level of the liquid drops, changing the color of the bottle along with it, creating a constantly morphing gradient as you fill, empty, and refill your bottle, just because staying hydrated is such an entertaining activity!

The Chameleon bottle is an especially fun bottle for children, who will definitely be bewildered and bewitched by this thermochromic magic. It comes with a leash, making it easy to carry, and even a silicone sleeve that keeps your hand from burning if you store something hot in the bottle. The sleeve even comes with a running slot on the side that lets you see the bottle’s rising and falling color level. The 600ml steel bottle can be infinitely reused, is leakproof, dishwasher safe, and is a sure-fire way to keep you (and even kids) hydrated just because you’re eager to see (and show off) the Chameleon’s changing colors!

Designer: Root7

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Click Here to Buy Now: $14 $24 (41% off!) Hurry! Only one week remaining!