The OTE Juicer is an adorable appliance that brightens up your kitchen

Appliances can sometimes look intimidating. The OTE Juicer is far from that.

Its small, bulbous design makes it instantly approachable and friendly, while the form language, pastel color cues, and the judicious use of chrome seems very characteristic of companies like SMEG and Cuisinart. The OTE is palm-sized, with a base-heavy design that gives it an adorable appeal, almost like a pudgy little cartoon character. A clear juice-vessel sits on top (like you’d see in a Nutribullet), and a nifty little chrome key on the side lets you control the juicer, making everything from smoothies to shakes, sauces, and spice-powders.

The upper vessel detaches and comes with a separate cap with a wrist-loop too, allowing you to take your juices and smoothies with you when you step out… a much better alternative than that travel mug of overpriced coffee, I assure you.

Designer: InDare