Here’s that all-in-one charging dock Apple should have made for its products

Was the AirPower mat Apple’s biggest marketing mistake or its greatest tactic? The minute they announced the all-in-one wireless charger for the iPhone, Airpods, and the Watch, designers and tech startups all around the world jumped at the opportunity to out-Apple Apple. Years later, the AirPower still hasn’t arrived, but the market is inundated multiple products that allow Apple’s users to charge all their gadgets. Apple spent absolutely zero dollars on actually pushing a solution into the market, but benefitted by having third-party companies fill in the void. However, amidst the sea of wireless chargers, the Air Omni stands out as perhaps the one true product that Apple ple hopes it had tried to push out. The Air Omni charges your iPhone, Watch, Airpods, and even your iPad. Apart from juicing the batteries of your favorite devices, it props them up too, acting as a stand for your iPhone/iPad so you can charge your devices while using them. With its virtually perfect desk-friendly size, the Air Omni fits seamlessly into your workspace, and can slide right into your laptop bag too, so you don’t need to have it just at your office. You can carry it back home, use it at cafés, or even at the airport, as a quick charging hub and workspace alternative. Just dock your devices, prop up your iPad, connect a wireless keyboard, and your charging hub becomes your makeshift office space. Like I said, the AirPower mat wishes it were the Air Omni.

The Air Omni’s biggest defining feature is that it comes built to dock the iPad too, which should honestly be given the same status as the iPhone, Watch, and AirPods… after all, the iPad is a mobile device too. Designed for not just charging but docking too, the Air Omni comes with a dedicated pop-up wireless charging hub for your Watch, specified wireless charging zones for your phone and AirPods, and a stand that lets you dock the iPad vertically and charge it via a cable – all while complying with Apple’s MFi charging standards. The docking zone’s unique design is truly innovative as it shapeshifts to let you alternate between docking your iPad as well as your iPhone. The vertical docking setup is supported by a port that pops right out of the Air Omni, allowing you to plug your phone/tablet as you place it against its backrest. But wait Sarang, you’re probably wondering, how can one port charge the iPhone as well as the iPad especially when the iPad’s later variant uses a Type-C connector? Well, that’s where the Air Omni’s clever switcheroo trick comes handy. On the back of the device is a nifty button that allows you to mechanically alternate between Lightning and Type-C ports, making switching between docking your iPhone and iPad incredibly easy. If you’ve got other devices that need charging (a fitness tracker perhaps, or a power-bank), the Air Omni comes with an extra set of ports that allow you to plug up to two devices in… and as far as wireless charging on the Air Omni’s surface goes, a unique, patented coil layout allows you to wirelessly charge your gadgets no matter how you place it.

Speaking of out-Apple-ing Apple, the Pitaka Air Omni ditches the white plastic and anodized aluminum CMF palette for something more hardcore – after all, the product is vastly better than anything Apple could think of. Made from Aramid (Kevlar), the Air Omni comes in matte black, and is incredibly damage-resistant (which is more than I can say about Apple’s charging cables) as well as flame-resistant. It supports the charging of non-Apple devices too (definitely a baller move), and for good measure, also throws in a secret compartment for storing things like SD cards, money, or anything you’d need to stash away inside a secret compartment. A culmination of a bunch of good ideas, the Air Omni is perhaps the most mindful charging hub I’ve seen in a while for a few reasons. For starters, unlike Apple’s AirPower mat, it exists. Additionally, it holistically charges all your devices including your iPad, comes with the ability to turn your charging setup into a workplace setup (thanks to the vertical dock), takes care of all your charging needs while occupying just one plug-point… Plus, you don’t need to worry about tangled-up charging cables (or throwing money at Apple every time a charging cable breaks) – which to be honest is perhaps Air Omni’s most unsung bit of praise.

Designer: Pitaka

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