This personal whiteboard has everything you need to take notes anywhere, anytime

Writing things by hand has become fashionable again despite the prevalence of computers and smartphones. In fact, some have embraced this “analog” system of note-taking exactly as a reaction to the dominant reliance on technology. Whatever the reason, this resurgence in demand for paper products might also have negative effects on the environment when that demand far outstrips what our trees can supply. Reusable notebooks have started popping up lately to help address that issue, but these often require special pens or materials to use. When it comes to speed, simplicity, and reusability, nothing beats a plain old whiteboard, and this innovative whiteboard notebook comes with its own eraser so that you can get down immediately to writing, erasing, and writing, over and over again.

Designer: 9FEET Design for DaiichiGosei

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There’s nothing simpler than how a whiteboard works. You write something on its smooth, glossy surface, maybe take a picture for safekeeping, and then erase all the markings so that you can begin anew. Sure, you’ll need to use a dry-erase or whiteboard pen instead of a permanent marker, but these are a dime a dozen these days. They even come in different colors, sizes, and tips, so you have a variety of styles to choose from and use.

Wipe takes this simplicity and cuts it down to a smaller and more personal size that’s a little bit smaller than A4 paper. Despite the more portable size, the idea is still the same. You write on it, take a photo that you could save or send to the cloud, erase it, and write again. It’s fast, simple, and doesn’t require preparation, just like good, old paper. That said, you do need to have a whiteboard eraser or at least a piece of cloth with you all the time. Fortunately, this personal whiteboard already comes with one.

This whiteboard’s key feature is the soft material that covers its smooth surface. It’s lined with felt, which is the same material used for whiteboard erasers. Yes, this cover is actually one large eraser that you can and will use to wipe the board clean in an instant. You no longer have to fumble around for a separate eraser, especially if you want to completely nuke the whiteboard’s contents. It’s a simple addition if you think about it, but it’s one that has huge significance in making it easier to use.

The innovation fun doesn’t stop there. There’s a newly developed Mag Force system that combines magnets and rubber bands to create a handle that also functions as a pen holder. The very same cover comes with a built-in stand, so you won’t have to struggle with lighting when reading off the board or taking a picture. And if you’re wondering where you’ll keep those bits and pieces of paper notes and receipts, the soft felt cover also has a hidden pocket just for that purpose.

With an eraser, pen holder, stand, and storage pocket all in one, this portable personal whiteboard comes with almost all the necessary tools for a smooth writing experience. And since you can use any whiteboard marker, you can stop worrying about your note-taking tools and start focusing on what matters the most: putting your ideas down so that they will never escape you ever again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49