Desk setups that maximize productivity: Part 3

Sitting on a desk for hours on end can prove to be tedious, and well, even boring. With every hour, the clutter tends to increase, and by the end of the day, you have a massive mess to deal with. So here are a few desk setups to maximize productivity and to ensure that your precious work desk stays as neat and tidy as possible. Remember, a clean desk means a clean mind!

This clutter-free desk setup by u/zr6x with only the bare essentials, a splash of green, and some candle lighting can do wonders in enhancing day to day productivity!

This work desk by Garvin Ling with its ultrawide monitor amped with a curved screen and a cute little iPhone stand could work well for all the gadget lovers!

This desk set up featuring a vertical screen by Julia Johnson is perfect for all the web developers out there!

A subtle and minimal work desk featuring hints of white and wooden accents by Jakob Wiemer.

A Yin and Yang work desk by Satechi, that could be used by you and your partner! If you both can make it through the day without murdering one another, that is. The black and white themes on this contrast each other perfectly, just like you and your loved one!

A minimal wooden desk by u/Xychologic for all the minimalists out there! The white PC accessories, plus the potted plant add on to the clean minimal aesthetic.

The desktop stand on this work desk by Fatih Arslan makes it look like the screen is floating!

A setup by u/stundex for all the music producers and makers!

Designed by Michael Hilgers, the Cornito is a super cool space-saving desk, that fits right into the corners of your home or office. The pyramid style shelves have been fitted with lighting. This is a desk with an edge!

For more such neat and tidy productivity-enhancing desk setups, check out Part 1 and 2 of this series!