Printable Lieca M3

Check out Matt Nicholson’s pinhole 35mm Lie-ca M3 project entitled ‘making the desirable accessible through an A4 printer’. It’s just one of several functional products that represent status symbol objects everyone wants. Well now you can have one because the template will be available for download from Lie-ca this week. We’ll keep you posted!

Designer: Matt Nicholson, @mattmakesstuff


  • sikişme says:

    it looks very attractive.

  • delo says:

    Just one idea, but may be…

  • Jack says:

    How embarrassing; it’s Leica! Not Lie-ca!

  • Maurice says:

    I’ve used these cardboard pinhole cameras, and they leak waaaaay too much light. All the symbols printed on the outside will show up on your film (and that’s about all that will show up).

    Also, Leica is renowned for their exceptional *glass*, so making a Leica pinhole is kind of missing the point.

  • automatictransgression says:

    no. leica makes cameras out of metal and glass. this is a lie-ca.

  • automatictransgression says:

    @maurice: i think you are missing the point.

    this is brilliant and cool.

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