Feel the breeze with this helmet that has its own Air Conditioner!

Designed to protect your head in the event of a collision (clearly the only unique selling point that matters), the helmet can sometimes be uncomfortable. Wear a helmet for a long time and your head begins getting sweaty. You could keep your visor up, but the wind only hits your cheeks, leaving the rest of your head in an unbearable, humid mess. Feher quite literally wants you to feel the wind in your hair as it protects you with the ACH-1, a helmet with its dedicated, in-built air conditioning unit.

Using a battery and a thermoelectric module (the same used in Rolls-Royce’s air-conditioning seats), the ACH-1 sits on the back of the helmet, pulling ambient air from a vent at the top, cooling it, and distributing it around the wearer’s head thanks to special air-channels built right into the helmet’s inner lining. Hot air is ejected from a lower vent at the back, resulting in a helmet that is up to 18 degrees cooler on the inside than the outside.

Perfect for hitting the road in the summers, especially in the daytime, the ACH-1 won’t just protect your head. It’ll keep you comfortable, energized, and will let you drive long distances, completely protected, without breaking a sweat!

Designer: Steve Feher

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