Be the Harry Potter of Dust Busting


When it comes to indoor air pollution, it’s us and not our appliances or pets who are the real culprits. You see, when you’re out and about outside the home, your clothing acts as a magnet/filter for fine particles generated by cars, factories, and other sources. When you get back home, the harmful dust is released from your clothing fibers and into the air as you undress or move around.

Designed to capture these pollutants before they can contaminate your interior, the AirStick acts as a sort of magic wand for t-shirts, jeans, and other articles of clothing. Using static electricity, it forces the invisible dust away from the fabric and traps it before it can make its way into the air. When you come in from a hike, work, or the grocery store, simply give your garments a wave once you step inside. You’ll find your air quality improved and be able to breathe easier than ever.

Designer: Inhwan Baek