This transforming TV remote to gaming controller is the modular design trend future gadgets must have

A cool little controller for cloud gaming and streaming content without the need for a TV remote because the controller is the TV remote and vice versa!

Cloud gaming has changed the complexion of content consumption with Stadia, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna and Microsoft xCloud venturing into the future of entertainment. Even Netflix has jumped the bandwagon and announced that its cloud gaming service integrated into the current portfolio will come out sometime next year. So, one can expect a unified ecosystem of services and accessories to keep users engaged in the loop. Accessories such as controllers and remote controls for the TV.

Even better, how about a 2-in-1 controller that doubles as a remote control for the TV input when you are now going crazy over multiplayer action titles on services like Netflix? We’ve already been awe-struck by the Netflix Necon gaming controller that’s completely inspired by the leading streaming service’s theme with a hint of Nintendo influence. Now, designer, Andrew Chang gives us all reason enough to get excited for a seamless ecosystem of streaming entertainment, high-octane gaming rush and a complete diversification of how accessories for entertainment systems are created.

This is the Olio 2-in-1 modular gadget that acts as a controller and remote for your TV too. The cute little accessory has the basic design of a controller with strategically placed buttons for streaming-centric controls. Things like AI-assistant buttons or the volume toggle and program scanning buttons. The arms of the controller retract back into the middle section when not in use to employ the trigger buttons for customizable controls inputs. And the home and play/pause buttons bang in the middle are very hard to go unnoticed when in the remote configuration as they are masked when in the controller configuration. The minimal design of this 2-in-1 accessory has truly got me excited, how about you?

Designer: Andrew Chang