Let this miniature cityscape dry your dishes


Inspired by the Christopher Nolan movie that’s famous for its spinning top and incredibly fluid cityscapes, the Inception Dish Rack is a silicone-molded model of a city, complete with buildings, skyscrapers, and roadways. This plot of land, however, isn’t completely ornamental… because it’s in-fact built for docking wet dishes!

The dishes sit between buildings, looking almost like UFOs colliding into earth (but that’s a separate franchise), and dry out, because they’re stacked vertically. The silicone construction makes the Inception Dish Rack easy to fold up and stash away when not in use, or drape over the side of the sink so the water gathered in its ‘roadways’ can trickle out, finally leaving your miniature city dry and ready to use again. Oh, it works just as marvelously as a letter-holder too!

Designer: Luca Nichetto for Seletti

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