Wooden Plane Meets Side Table


This simplistic table gathers inspiration from an unusual source, but one which holds memories from our childhoods and carries a classic, distinctive shape… the wooden plane toy. José Bermúdez paired his love of joinery with his passion for good design to create the Hiko Side Table… and what a beautiful table it is!

The elegance of the product has been achieved thanks to its minimal and honest design, that uses the strength of classic joinery techniques to its advantage. This, in turn, has led to the absence of screws! What is perhaps most striking of all is the pedestal that takes the position of the more conventual four legs that we are used to seeing! This combined with the transversal wood at the base creates a product that features a welcomed element of suspense and visual interest.

Subtle detailing in the form of a cutaway for a cable to pass through paired with the carefully chosen finishes makes this an incredibly beautifully alternative to the conventional side table.

Designer: José Bermúdez