Is This the Future of Medical Care?

We love a product that gives us a quick glimpse of what the possible future may hold, it creates an exciting and thought-provoking vision that momentously takes us out of the ‘now’. Sensu does just this for the medical market!

Designed to increase wellbeing and lead to healthier lifestyles, Sensu holds the ability to becoming a digital, personal doctor! Packed into the compact device is both a Blood Analyser and a Basic Vital Monitor which relay their findings directly to the individual’s doctor. Both the patient and their doctor can check their progress on a secure app, removing the need for regular check-ups, thus relieving the pressure on over-strained doctors!

Sensu has been carefully designed to fit into the user’s lifestyle; the state of the art micro-analyzing technology ensures for a quick return of results, while the Basic Vital Monitor is intuitive and easy to use! If this is the future of medical care… then sign us up!

Designer: Andreas Enebrand



Select your personal contact doctor & subscription plan.


Sensu blood analyzer. State of the art micro analysing technology designed to fit your lifestyle.





Vital scanner companion.


Your doctor can follow the progress and is always a swipe away.


Explore the world, your doctor will be there too. Moving or traveling to a new country can be an overwhelming experience when it comes to healthcare and insurance services. With Sensu you will always be protected, and know where to go if something happens.