There’s No Problem a Hammock Can’t Solve

You have to tip your hat to whoever invented the hammock. He/she took two of the most wonderful activities in the world (swinging and sleeping) and smushed them together to make an experience that’s truly leisurely! In that regard, the YOBO Hammock Stand probably needs some hat tipping too. It’s the world’s lightest, most portable and most durable hammock stand.

The stand comes from the company YOBO (short for You Oughta Be Outdoors!), a collective of trailblazers who love outdoors and live for the outdoors. The stand is pretty amazing in the sense that it is entirely collapsible, incredibly durable, and weighs at a stunning 2 pounds. For something that light, it can still withstand up to 300 pounds of weight (that’s a hundred and fifty times its own) without collapsing, slipping, or giving away. The stand fits into rocky terrain as well as soil, and comes with anchor pins for a solid grip.

You can use just one YOBO hammock stand as a tether point and tie the other end of a hammock to a nearby tree or pole, or if you’re in a more lawn sort of atmosphere, two Hammock Stands should do just fine. If you’ve got a three way hammock, just grab yourself a third Hammock Stand! They’re so lightweight and compact, you’ll want to hammock wherever you go!

The Hammock Stand outdoes itself by also providing an extension for attaching a tarp on top, because why should sunlight or rainfall come in the way of well deserved hammock time! It even comes with a lifetime guarantee, cuz hammocks are 4 lyf, yo! 😀

Designers: Calvin Fenton & Jake Lah

BUY IT HERE: $120.00