Printer Is Officially Off The Desk

We are constantly looking for creative ways to get the printer off our desk and reclaim the table space that was ours in the first place. Printer dominance on the worktable is one office woe that many face even in this day and age. The Rolling Printer puts an end to the debate by being this blissful device that hangs on the wall, giving you ample space for other important stuff like a decent coffee mug.

Rolling printer has one more advantage. It is paper management. Managing unused A4 sized paper is a nuisance. But if it is roll paper, you don’t need to wedge paper like this. You can just open the package and put it into the printer.

Designer: Kim Tae-Jin


  • sesima says:

    I think “this is good idea”, fresh~

  • Quintin Smits says:

    What happened to the other wall-printer design that was on here a long time ago? That one used ordinary paper…

    The idea of a wall-hanging printer is genius, but using a roll of paper seems unpractical.

    You’ll likely want your printouts A4 (or letter..) -sized anyway, if I print anything it is because it needs to be bound/stapled together (and I print double-sided! less waste than this…).
    What happens to a piece of paper what has been rolled up for a long time? You’ll never get it as nice and flat as ordinary flat sheets of paper…

    Also, how does the ink get onto the page? The printer is too small to allow the cartridge (or anything else for that matter) to move over the paper…

  • Ihyu says:

    So if I print more than one page, should I cut the roll myself or let the printer do it and have my dog fetch it mid-air?

  • The Hosk says:

    Maybe Back To The Future was not wrong!

  • Sean says:

    Reminds me of a wall hanging toilet paper roll, now if I could only find those TPS reports, life would be good.

  • Nattarinka says:

    Where I can buy it pls advice at [email protected]

  • Josh says:

    So, was this ever made into an actual product?

    If not, please Kickstart it. I want a printer that hangs on my wall, and this looks perfect. I would buy it.

  • Alex says:

    Can I buy it somewhere?
    Looking for any information about wall-mount printers.
    Regards, Alex

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