Home tools displayed as chess pieces in unique metal display

When you’re living alone for the first time, one of the things that people advice you to have at home is a box of tools for whenever something needs tinkering or fixing. I do have one but it’s mostly just stuck in a drawer somewhere since I don’t really know how to tinker or fix things. But for those who use these tools a lot, this concept for a set of tools and how they are stored would be pretty interesting.

Designer: Seongjae Park

Tips for Chess combines metal tools and a chess set so fans of these two will probably be interested to have such a thing displayed in their homes. In fact, even if you don’t use them a lot, it’s still an interesting piece to have in your home and may fool people into thinking you’re a toolhead or a chess aficionado. This is mainly made from metal, from the “chess board” to the various tools included in the set.

The different chess pieces are represented by different kinds of tools. You get hexagonal wrenches with different sizes to serve as your pawns. The rook is the square and triangular wrench, the Bishop is the crosshead screwdriver, while the Knight is a a flat-blade screwdriver. Representing the main pieces are the hexagonal wrench as the Queen and the U-shaped screwdriver as the King. In case you won’t be able to remember which is which, the chess roles and the tool roles are imprinted on the bottom of the tip.

To make it even more interesting (or confusing to people like me) the chessboard itself also provides information. The coordinate system (right angle and straight line) provides a scale of cm and inches. I would probably just have this as a display since it’s too pretty to actually use although they are built to be functional. Also, as mentioned, I don’t know how to use them so they’ll just be on display at home.