The pen that lets you draw flexible plastic over your broken cables

The smartphone industry is worth billions, and a pretty large amount of it is not in smartphone purchase, but in the recurring purchase of cable-based accessories like earphones and chargers that get spoilt after a year of usage. Phones are designed with a long lifespan in mind, but that mindset doesn’t carry to the charging cable that comes with the phone, and with excessive usage, the rubber underneath the connector begins fraying, and you end up dumping your damaged cable for a newer one every year or two. While this approach is great for businesses, it isn’t particularly environment or consumer-friendly, say the guys at Blufixx.

With a history of having developed polymer-based ‘Repair Pens’ for wood, metal, ceramic, and stone, Blufixx’s latest repair pen comes with a flexible polymer gel that lets you fix the popular ‘frayed, white charging cable’. With a special polymer gel that’s liquid before curing, the Blufixx Repair Pen lets you simply draw a new protective sleeve over your frayed cables, and cure the liquid sleeve with a UV light, turning the gel into a flexible-yet-tough, water-resistant polymer material with a lifespan of 5 years. The white color goes well with most white cables and headphone wires, and the Blufixx Repair Pen itself prolongs the life of your wires pretty much indefinitely. Better for you and better for the environment! Oh, and it costs as much as a new, original charging cable would!

Designer: Blufixx