The EVE Vision is basically your living room on wheels

Designers have quite a few varying ideas of the future. Some say the future is autonomous, others say it’s more focused on the thrill of driving and the performance. Some believe the car will become smart, others say that the car will become more about the space rather than the ride, focusing on interiors, more than anything.

The EVE Vision is traditionally a car. It has a steering wheel, GPS, seats for people to sit in, etc… but its design is clearly for a future where the car’s an experience and a dynamic space that facilitates interaction. Built around three words, Relax, Connect, and Discover, the EVE Vision’s motive is to be a comfortable and safe space to be in, as it travels from A to B, feeling not like a car, but more like an extension of your house… but with wheels. The video above does a rather remarkable job of describing the EVE Vision, and is done so in a way a child describes her car of her dreams… which is literally what the EVE Vision is. With space for 5 people (usually an upper threshold for families), the EVE Vision features two sliding doors that the entire family enters and exits the car through. In front of the driver’s seat lies a steering wheel, but only for when you need to take the reins of the car. Beside the wheel lies the EVE’s brain, a computer powerful enough to autonomously drive the car, recognize its owners, stay vigilant and guard them from danger, and power various other functions of the car, like displaying elements on the transparent screen that serves as a windshield and skylight.

The EVE Vision is remarkable no doubt, with its aesthetic, interiors, and the idea backing it all, but the amazement is only reinforced by the way the child describes the car in an innocently fantastic manner. I can’t help but get excited for a future where the car is more than just what we expect of a car. In the future, the car will mean much more than just an automobile. It’ll be everything from an artificially intelligent entity, to your secondary home on wheels!

Designers: Ahmad Moslemifar, Olivier Pruvost & Teo Song Wei (Nio)