Self-balancing Yamaha bike recognizes it’s owner, parks autonomously by deploying the kickstand

Japan Mobility Show 2023 is going to host some of the best automotive technology out there, and Yamaha has already got us excited. They’ve upgraded the MOTOROiD experimental bike to a newer improved version loaded with a set of cool features you’d expect to see in a futuristic vehicle. The bike will debut at the show along with five other vehicles that we’re sure are going to be equally exciting.

The smart electric bike employs artificial intelligence and loads of other modern automotive technology to stand out from others in the competition. This self-operating bike is capable of parking itself, and also recognizing its approaching owner to prepare for the next ride in the city. These features come courtesy of the Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) and facial recognition tech.

Designer: Yamaha Motor

MOTOROiD2 is a self-balancing motorbike that deploys the kickstand when it’s time to park, and that too is automated for the rider’s delight. Yamaha is planning to add a unique feature that allows the bike to move alongside the owner, just like a drone follows you at a precise set distance. Another interesting upgrade in the upcoming model (or most probably this one) will be the ability to tilt autonomously during tight cornering. The hub motor suspended from the swingarm runs up to a motorized, pivoting mount point under the saddle, giving the entire swingarm and rear wheel freedom to move back and forth. This means the MOTOROiD2’s suspension system effectively tilts independently of the rest of the bike.

The futuristic motorbike has a very lean body structure with the front shaped like an Amorphous alien form. The industrial design influence of the bike is evident from the copper highlights contrasted with the steel and white body paint. Adding to the flair is the color-changing mood lighting that runs across the front section of the ride. That whole saddle running right through to the handlebar can be pushed up to create a dynamic look, but then you can’t hop on and ride at the same time!