Camera and Selfie Stick(er)!

I like the idea of taking a selfie. What I don’t like, is that elongated arm of mine stretching out of the frame of the picture. The solution? What if you didn’t have to hold your camera? Well, Podo ensures that your selfies will be absolutely hands free. So you can take pictures from meters away instead of the regular arm-length. Podo is a camera that comes with a repositionable adhesive pad… think of it as the product you get when a Post-it marries a camera! You can now just simply stick the camera onto any surface, and snap away using the Podo app on your smartphone!

Podo’s sticky pad is a marvel of material engineering. It helps the camera stick to any surface, and can always be washed and reused. The Podo camera is light-weight and unbelievably powerful. The camera’s pixel size is comparatively higher than your iPhone camera pixel size, which means much clearer images even in low light. The camera also takes brilliant 720p video at 30fps, which you can stream directly on your phone. You can even use multiple Podo cameras with one phone, giving you complete control over what you want to capture, and how you want to capture it! Plus, the Podo also comes with a precisely machined wide-angle lens on the front, so no matter how close or far you keep the Podo, your subject is always in the frame! But first, will you look at that delicious minty blue color!?

Designer: Podo Labs

Buy It Here: $49.00 $79.00