What Is The Tube

Any Guesses? Ok the only clue is that it measures temperature, but then again what’s so special about The Tube! If you think you know the answer, leave me a message in the comments. Be honest about your guess though!

The Tube is a new phosphorescent thermometer that has been test used by 40 doctors; they of course give it a Thumbs-Up. The main aim of it is to be a user-friendly device, allowing visibility of the numbers in the dark. Essentially this means you needn’t switch on a night lamp just to check a patient’s temperature at night.

Designers: Murat Ozveri & Anil Dincer For Design Quadro

Tube Infrared Thermometer With Phosphorescent Pigments by Murat Ozveri & Anil Dincer for Design Quadro





  • Margot says:

    A device to make sure blood stays at the correct temperature?

  • Gustavo says:

    it looks like a sspray can
    but why would it need a thermometer?

  • Guesser says:

    I believe it is a urinal of sorts, measuring temperature and other vital stats. Think Michael Bay’s film The Island.

  • Kemal says:

    Balls, obviously.

  • JCO says:

    You can check temp without disturbing the patient. Having been in the hospital, it is amazing how much rest you don’t get there with the constant monitoring. After all rest is one of the most important things for recovery – right!

    I’ll take one for my sleeping babies too. Try sticking something in a baby (ear/under tongue/underarm/and otherwise)when they are fussing. Beleive me, it’s no fun.

  • Marc says:

    I guess this one is helpful for protection of digital screen and sensor. You’re right about the patient condition but you must consider also the sensors working distance.
    I’ve one similar to this but I have broken the lcd screen. This one seems protecting the screen and infrared sensor inside the cover so I think what it makes particular is that feature.
    Nice look thermometer!

  • ER says:

    It looks like it has a chin rest and may take temperature from there?

  • shruti says:

    i ll agree with the idea of it being a more user freindly thermometer since in the current senario it hs be placed below the tongue for more than a minute and patiently wait… so a better concept of just holding the “tube” against ur forehead and getting the body temperature in seconds!!

  • x2803 says:

    I think it’s a camera that measures room temperature or something of that sort — like the ones used in Ghost Adventures. LOL!

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