When is a Shelf, Not a Shelf?


Designed to be much more than your run-of-the-mill shelving unit, GATE uses moveable wooden bars that are placed on a metal rod to create a striking and dynamic structure. GATE’s designer identified that a shelving unit only occasionally holds the same items for its entire life, more often than not the items will be swapped out over time and the environment that it is placed in will change, therefore the product needs to be able to adapt to this.

Being able to choose where you want the shelves to be positioned is just the beginning! The ‘zones’ allow for the unit to be used as a wardrobe, storage for wine glasses, shoe shelving or even a small desk! This level of adaptability makes GATE perfect for use in the home as well as commercial environments such as bars and restaurants. I know I want one!

Designer: Artem Zakharchenko