The Swiss Army Knife of Suitcases

Designed with the intention of making traveling a far less stressful experience, ESCAPE makes all previous suitcases suddenly feel almost prehistoric!

Air travel is renowned for being a long and monotonous process often caused by the extensively long waiting times. However, due to its completely flush top the user is able to use ESCAPE as a mobile desk, allowing them to work comfortably anywhere they choose. They needn’t worry about their laptop running out of charge as each wheel packs an electric generator, which together can provide more than enough power to keep the user’s devices charged!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ESCAPE’s features; compartments for digital devices, toiletries, on board essentials and even a suit have been seamlessly integrated into the compact design. All this is wrapped up in a highly hydrophobic material, ensuring they are protected from the elements!

Designer: Frederic Gooris

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The world first and only patented electric generating spinner wheels. Provide a light and smooth rolling experience while providing continuous power to the 8000mAh detachable power bank. At a regular walking speed, it can provide power similar to a 1A wall adapter. These wheels are equipped with a suspension system that not only protects the wheels from hard drops but also makes going through rough terrains smoother.


On the road and have a lot of catching up to do? In an airport without a lounge to clear the unread mails undisturbed? No worries. Choose a quiet corner and set up your office in the blink of an eye.The top surface of ESCAPE is completely flush so are free to work comfortably, anytime, anywhere.


Passport, boarding pass, name cards, wallet, power bank, keys, frequent flyer cards, pen, sunglasses, phone…  Thanks to its unique construction, ESCAPE has an easy-access top compartment that helps you keep your essentials organized in one place that’s easy to reach. Being on the road just became so much more pleasant.


No more squeezing your hand through the tensed zipper of the front pocket of your trolley! A simple magnetic door gives you easy access to your magazines or books without unlocking the main compartment.


A dedicated compartment protects and helps to keep your digital devices like laptop, tablet and chargers organized, yet easy to access. During security check-up there’s is no need to open the whole carry-on: simply unlock the TSA lock to partially open the zipper and slide your devices out.


The toiletry case always overthrows any packing strategy. No more! ESCAPE utilizes the space between the wheels which proved to be just the right size. We tailored a niche in the base that snugly fits the toiletry case, leaving you a main compartment with lots of space and easy to pack.