With pop-up roof and kitchen in the boot, Nissan Townstar EV is your ticket to unforgettable escapades

The automotive world has been buzzing with excitement at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon set to continue until Sunday, September 3. Amidst the spectacular displays, Nissan has unveiled its latest masterpiece: the Townstar EV station wagon with a remarkable camping conversion. This is the first time the fully electric vehicle has undergone a camping-friendly makeover.

Enter the future of family travel with the Nissan Townstar EV – fusion of practicality and eco-consciousness – now a captivating camping-ready drive, bound to redefine your outdoor experiences. Imagine embarking on a journey with a vehicle that’s not only stylish but also equipped for all your camping desires. The Townstar EV boasts an unmistakable charm, a departure from the traditional van aesthetic, to be one irresistible mini-camper.

Designer: Nissan

For this, the Townstar EV is topped with a pop-up roof from Maggiolina Airlander. The soft roof elegantly pops up high, transforming the space within into a cozy haven. With a simple crank, the tent effortlessly rises, revealing a sleeping area with a 130 x 210cm double bed inside. It’s surrounded by mesh windows that allow in gentle breeze, while zippered weatherproofing adds to comfort in all weather conditions. A thoughtfully designed interior with ceiling lamp adds a touch of convenience to your evenings under the stars.

The transformation doesn’t stop at this, it continues to the rear of the vehicle where Irmscher i-BOX kitchen module is installed. It can be easily removed if your camping adventure doesn’t require one.  Otherwise, for a multi-day camping experience, the kitchen comes with a dual-burner gas stove, mini fridge, sink, and a water canister. Beyond the alluring aesthetics and thoughtful conveniences, the camping version of the Nissan Townstar EV is equipped with 18-inch rims in a stylish cross design, coupled with all-weather tires.

It has a versatile 45 kWh battery that can charge with alternating current or direct current via the vehicle’s CCS connection. This means you can charge from 15 to 80 percent in an astonishingly brief 37 minutes, ensuring your adventures aren’t stalled by lengthy charging sessions. To top it off, the variant with a 22 kW charging system boasts an efficient heat pump that warms the vehicle interior, creating a cozy space when the weather outside turns gray. With this meticulous attention to comfort and sustainability, you can make the Nissan Townstar EV your ticket to unforgettable memories and thrilling escapades.