Jamie Oliver In Your Kitchen

The Global Chef is a clever appliance that uses technology to its advantage. Imagine having a cook-off with Gordon Ramsey in your own Hell’s Kitchen or inviting Jamie Oliver to teach you British delights. Global Chef has the ability to bring people together from all across the world by using laser hologram technology. Discover new cuisines, join cooking classes or have dinner parties with friends and family straight from the home kitchen!


  • Global Chef transfers smell, reduces kitchen noise while in use.
  • Suggests recipes using the available ingredients placed in the smart bowl that senses the food.
  • The only physical button is the “on button”, once the user presses it a hologram interface appears.
  • The UI is controlled by kinetic movements.
  • With the help of the appliance you can cook with your loved ones or take cooking lessons from top chefs.
  • The appliance analyzes food, has a motion detection camera and can project holograms 360° around itself.
  • Global Chef is a 2013 Electrolux Design Lab Semi-finalist.

Designer: Dawid Dawod