The AEG SensePro cooktop gives us a literal taste of the future

In a rather intriguing sneak-peek, AEG reveals its plans to revolutionize cooking by making food preparation perfect. With a stovetop/cooktop that is in itself intelligent, AEG’s SensePro Induction Hob wants to be the AI that quite simply, watches the boiling kettle so you don’t have to.

Made with a companion wireless, battery-less sensor that communicates with the cooktop, the SensePro can actively monitor your food from the inside, knowing exactly when to increase, decrease, or regulate the heat with complete precision (accurate to +/- 1°C). With different functions, ranging from frying, to boiling, to even the extremely tricky sous-vide technique, the SensePro can let you select cooking techniques and food ingredients (using a simple, intuitive interface) that then let the induction cooktop’s smart AI determine how to control and distribute the heat. The AI relies on the input from the wireless food sensor (transmitted ultrasonically) to help cook dishes to perfection every single time, eliminating the chances of human error, and bringing professionalism and consistency to all the food you make.

The SensePro will debut at IFA 2018 in Berlin this September and Yanko Design will get a chance to see (and probably taste!) the SensePro in action. Stay tuned for more!

Designer: AEG